"Sail into Adventure: Unleash Your Wanderlust with Get Out Of Town Travel!"


"Chart Your Course: Discover the World's Wonders with Get Out Of Town Travel."


Our Cruise and Sailing Tours offer you a chance to experience the world from a unique vantage point – the water. 


Adventure Sports Tours are perfect for thrill-seekers and those who crave excitement and physical challenges.


City Tours are all about exploring the heart of urban culture, history, and architecture.

About the Company

At Get Out Of Town Travel, we're not just a travel agency; we're the architects of unforgettable experiences that redefine your journey. With a passion for exploration and a commitment to excellence, we bring you the world through a trio of exciting offerings: Cruise and Sailing Tours, Adventure Sports Tours, and City Tours.

Cruise and Sailing Tours

Imagine yourself aboard a luxurious cruise ship or a private sailing yacht, gently gliding over the waves as you explore exotic destinations. These tours are designed to provide you with both relaxation and exploration.  Cruise ships are equipped with modern amenities, exquisite dining options, and entertainment facilities, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable journey. Sailing through calm waters or along stunning coastlines gives you breathtaking views of landscapes that can only be appreciated from the water. Explore various ports of call, each offering a new adventure. From historical sites to cultural experiences, these excursions add depth to your journey.  Depending on your destination, you might have the chance to spot dolphins, whales, and other marine life in their natural habitat.

Adventure Sports Tours

These tours take you beyond the typical tourist experience, allowing you to engage with nature in exhilarating ways.  Engage in activities like rock climbing, white-water rafting, zip-lining, bungee jumping, and more, tailored to your skill level and preferences.  Adventure sports often take place in natural settings, allowing you to connect with the environment and experience a deeper sense of accomplishment.  Expert guides ensure your safety while providing you with training and support to make the most of each adventure.  Sharing these experiences with fellow adventurers creates a sense of camaraderie and shared accomplishment.

City Tours

Led by knowledgeable guides, these tours provide insights into the local way of life and the stories that have shaped the city.  Immerse yourself in the pulse of the city, from its historic sites to its modern attractions, markets, and neighborhoods.  Local guides share stories, legends, and historical facts that bring the city’s past and present to life. See iconic landmarks and discover off-the-beaten-path spots that showcase the city’s true character.  City Tours often include transportation and expert guidance, allowing you to make the most of your time and experience without worrying about logistics.


Get Out Of Town Travel unlocked a world of magic for us. From the serene seas on their Cruise and Sailing Tour to the heart-pounding adventure of the Adventure Sports Tour, every moment was a treasure. And the City Tour? An insightful dive into the soul of a city. Our wanderlust found its home with Get Out Of Town Travel.
Adventure Sports Tour by Get Out Of Town Travel pushed us beyond our limits, and we loved every second of it! The thrill of conquering nature's challenges was matched only by the breathtaking views. From mountains to cities, their tours are the ultimate blend of adventure and discovery.
Get Out Of Town Travel's City Tour was like stepping into a time machine. The guide's stories and insights added layers of depth to every corner we explored. It was more than a tour; it was a cultural journey that left us in awe of the cities we thought we knew.